The Hummer (or Humvee) was introduced into the U.S. Armed Forces in 1983. A civilian model, the H1, was introduced nine years later in 1992.

Civilian H1’s are manufactured by AM General and marketed by General Motors.

A military Hummer can climb a 22-inch vertical wall, navigate a 60% grade, traverse a 40% grade side slope, and operate in 30″ of water.

The Hummer is known by many names, including:

  • High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
  • Humvee
  • M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier (Two-Man)
  • M1035 Cargo/Troop Carrier (Four-Man)
  • M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier with Winch (Four-Man)

Civilian H1’s are not identical to military Hummers’. For example, every component in the engine compartment of a military hummer is waterproof. This allows a military Hummer which is equipped with a snorkel to operate in 60″ of water. Don’t try that in a civilian hummer — the components are not waterproof!

Unfortunately, military Hummers are not designed to comply with Federal Motor Safety Standards and are therefore considered unsafe for highway use.

According to the government, the Hummer is safe to take to war, but not safe to take to the mall.

Due to these beauracratic restrictions, the civilian H1 Hummer is the closest relative of the real military Hummer that you will see on the highway.

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Books on Military Hummers

Warmachines No.7: M998 HMMWV Hummer and Derivatives
Warmachines No.7: M998 HMMWV “Hummer” and Derivatives

This is the seventh installment in the WARMACHINES series, covering details of the M998 “HUMMER” Cargo/Troop Carrier, the M1025 & M1026 Armored Armament Carrier, the M966 Armored TOW Carrier, the M996 2 Litter Armored Ambulance, the M997 4-Litter Armored Ambulance, the M1037 Shelter Carrier, and the M998 “STINGER” Carrier. Used extensively in the 1991 Gulf War, this vehicle is well documented in this publication with excellent photographs of details such as radio equipment, powerplant, suspension, driver’s controls, cargo bed, armament, ammunition, stowage, field exercises, and field conversions. Includes wartime photos from the Persian Gulf.

Warmachines No.15: 3/325 ABCT Airorne Battalion Combat Team Blue Falcons in Action
Warmachines No.15: 3/325 ABCT Airorne Battalion Combat Team “Blue Falcons” in Action

This fifteenth installment in the WARMACHINES series focuses on the operations of the paratroopers of the 3rd/325th ABCT (Airborne Battalion Combat Team Blue Falconsduring practice exercises. This book provides a rare glimpse of such operations with beautiful full color photography. Excellent coverage of such things as parachuting, air-drops of vehicles and equipment, securing landing zones., concealment, ambush positions, and much more. Excellent details of vehicles and equipment, like the M102 105mm Field Howitzer, the M998 Hummer, TOW missile launchers, and more, abound, and make for handy reference.


Simple text and color photos describe a Humvee, explaining what each of its parts are and showing them up close.

Humvee at War
Humvee at War

When it entered army service in 1985, AM General�’s high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle—better known as the Humvee—quickly assumed the status the World War II jeep enjoyed among an earlier generation of soldiers. Humvee at War showcases this iconic vehicle in the many roles and configurations it has taken on over the years—ambulance, troop transport, and armament carrier among them.

Humvee (Humvee Manuals On CD-ROM)
Humvee (Humvee Manuals On CD-ROM)

Humvee (HMMWV) 1 and 1/4 Ton Truck 1984 Version (M996, M997, M998, M1025, M1026, M1034 to M1038, M1042 to M1046)
Humvee (HMMWV) 1 and 1/4 Ton Truck Jan 1996 Version (M996, M997, M998, M1025, M1026, M1034 to M1038, M1042 to M1046)