The M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (FAASV) is a tracked vehicle that is used to transport ammunition for the M109 155mm self-propelled medium howitzer. The M992 is self-propelled, very maneuverable and can travel at high speeds on good road surfaces; it is also made to operate in rough terrain, mud, sand, ice or snow and can even ford water up to a depth of 42 inches. Although it is primarily intended for use with the M109, it can also be used by other units that support 105 mm, 120 mm, 175 mm, and 203 mm self-propelled weapons.

Ammunition is loaded into the M992 using a front-mounted crane and the ammunition is then transferred from the M992 FAASV to the M109 self-propelled howitzer by way of a conveyor; the handling of ammunition is a mechanical process and the M992 can deliver ammunition to the M109 at a rate of 8 rounds per minutes. The front-mounted crane is not a fixed structure on the vehicle and was not fitted to the US Army M992 vehicles, however the crane is offered for export vehicles.


The M992 FAASV was the result of a private research and development project undertaken by Bowen-McLauglin-York; their goal was to provide self-propelled field artillery units with an armored backup vehicle that could resupply them with ammunition when necessary and provide support functions. The M992 was based on an M109 howitzer chassis which provided the M992 with the mobility and survivability that was required and it replaced the M548 tracked cargo carrier that was previously being used; the vehicle entered production in 1983 and some of the early versions were used in Operation Desert Storm.


The M992 accommodates a two-man crew and can additionally hold six passengers; it is full tracked and armored with aluminum. Inside the M992, there are projectile rack assemblies and storage compartments as well as the ammunition handling conveyor equipment; it is diesel powered, uses a hydraulic system and a nuclear, biological and chemical agent detection and protection system. The M992 FAASV usually pulls an M332 trailer behind it which contains additional ammo; this affects the mobility of the M992 to some degree however each M992 usually carries with it a 2.5 or 5 ton truck.

The rear door of the M992 provides overhead protection while it is opened and the side doors located on both sides of the vehicle provides easy access for loading the ammunition; the vehicles is additionally equipped with a AN/PSN-11(PLGR) Satellite Signals Navigation and Global Positioning System (GPS) unit.
The automatic fire extinguisher system in the vehicle can extinguish both the engine and crew compartments. The system can sense hydrocarbon fires and automatically discharge the extinguishing system to put the fire out; in the crew compartment a second discharge will go off if the fire continues to burn or if a second fire occurs.

The system can also be manually triggered by the crew, in which case the crew discharges the extinguishing system and can also manually set off the second discharge if the fire continues to burn.

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