The M35 is a medium military truck which was produced by the South Korean enterprise REO, Kaiser, AM General, Kia in 1949 and began its services in 1951 by the United States armed forces and subsequently utilized by various other nations around the world. The M35 weighed 13,030lbs, 7 meters in length, 2.8 meters in height and can carry 5000 pounds across country or 10,000 pounds.
These cargo trucks are 10 tire configuration models as opposed to its predecessors the M34’s. M35 has curb weight of between 13000 and 16000 pounds when empty, however this is dependent on the type whether it be wrecker, cargo or tractor. The M35 series of military trucks has multi-fuel engines which are designed to operate on kerosene, heating oil or gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.


There are four versions in this family of trucks they are: Standard, A1, A2, and A3. The most common among them is the A2 version. These letters had different meanings depending on what variant they were applied to. The distinction made is really in the engine and transmission components of these trucks and not necessarily with the physical features. The M35 Standard consisted of a REO Gold Comet or continental OA331 inline-6 gasoline engine, which sometimes had 4 speed transmissions and others had direct 5th transmissions. Continental gas engine was used in the dump trucks made by Curtis Wright. The A1 had Continental LDS-427-2 multi-fuel turbo engines and 5th gear was an over drive, these engines where however not reliable. The A2 consisted of the LDT 465-1 non turbo engine, keeping the OD transmission of the A1. The A3 version was introduced and consisted of a Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine and automatic transmissions.


The brake system for M35 trucks is air over hydraulic six wheel drum with a drive line brake. The brake’s performance is the same as other drum brake vehicles of the same size. The individual drums were designed with maximum efficiency and can dissipate up to 12kw of breaking heat. Due to this braking system, these trucks can be driven without a commercial driver’s license in most states. The electrical system is 24volts.


M35 transport trucks were shipped in quantity (400) to the Afghan National Army as part of the Afghan Freedom Support Act. The M35 system is being replaced in the US inventory by the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). The trucks size ranges from medium to large and is originally from the US. The truck was first manufactured in 1951 though it was initially designed in 1949 and still exists today. These trucks over the years have been manufactured by REO, Kaiser and AM General.

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